Online Deception

It feels like everyone these days have some sort of online profile, whether it be myspace (do people even use myspace anymore?) facebook, twitter, job posting sites, or even online dating sites. People everywhere are disclosing personal information by creating these virtual profiles, usually only outlining the very best qualities about themselves. Playing up all the positive attributes and hiding the negatives. No one out there wants the world to see or read about bad qualities, or look at those pictures that just aren’t taken at the most flattening angle. But who wins the battle for using deception the most?

Both women and men lie on online profiles, but they lie about different things. Women lie about weight or stature, where as men lie about their height or income level. Now that’s talking about online dating sites, where as on facebook or twitter, just about everyone using these social media sites portray their lives to be much more exiting or more fun than reality. This is portrayed through posting pictures, their newest purchases or frequent status updates about every.single.thing. they’ve done in a day.

There are 500 million users on facebook posting every little detail about their lives. This social networking site created for family and friends can also have various negative impacts. One of them includes envy, facebook can cause stress and negative feelings opposed to positive ones. We’re putting on display the vacations or places we go, the cars we drive, and the things we buy.  No one’s life is perfect, but people portray it to be, you then start comparing your own life to theirs, feeling that perhaps your life is lacking. But the life that this person is showing to others online, just as your own profile proves, is a one-dimensional view.  No one’s life is really as glamorous as one posts or boasts.

That sense of ‘needing to keep up with the Jones’ is more apparently now than it ever was.