Leapfrog the Middle Man

Before the internet, there were required steps of consumption; consumer, middle man, and retailer/service. To go about getting this¬†acquired service, the consumer needed to go through the middle man, who held all the answers and resources that you needed. This middle men held positions like; real estate agents, travel agents, sales agents…. sense an ‘agent’ trend?

People are now seeking these resources themselves. Either through online sites (powered by advertising sales) or just personal resource/private sales (ebay, propertyguys, priceline). This cut of the middle man has been extremely disappointing to those in these types of positions. Although not completely radical, this change has been on going for at least a decade or so.

Taking this step even further, companies everywhere are looking for ways to downsize, not only to save money but to cut positions. Jobs that could be done by adding it to someone else’s job title or replacing it with machines. Jobs like the grocery clerks, and the newly integrated self checkouts. Although some would still rather do it the old fashion way, by having some interpersonal interactions, there has been a growing popularity with not having to speak a word while shopping.

I definitely believe there to be some benefit in the slow elimination of the middle man but there’s also that part of me, who feels the need to speak with someone who is clearly more education on the task I’m attempting to brave myself. I mean what’s going to happen if we’re all just selling our houses private sales? Who will dictate the market sales, or give us quotes on how much it’s worth, if there are no real estate agents?

I actually thought at one point I wanted to be a real estate agent when I ‘grew up’, good thing my parents talked me out of that one…

Those parents of mine, just so smart, telling the future and all.