Global Coordination and the Use of the Internet.

With the revolution of the Internet and the 1.9 Billion people using it, there is a real connection happening globally, between people from almost every country around the world. There is such an explicit connection that was never there before the Internet’s use. Using the Internet as the medium, people everywhere are logging on and becoming a part of this participatory culture that the Internet has made possible.

The Internet has provided people with an outlet to explore basically every subject that could come to one’s mind. People are connecting through social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. People are also using methods such as blogs, youtube, and chat rooms to discuss common interests and hobbies. It’s truly remarkable how two strangers living hundreds of miles away, can come together over such commonality, and connect through the technology.

People can come together and create meaning on any topic wanted. This connection can be used for both positive and negatives. The negatives of this connection could consist of cyber bulling, illegal activities, or blackmail for example. The positives could consist of the abundance of information that scholars have access to, protests (which could lead to slacktivism) or even flashmobs.

As events happen worldwide, the rapid spread of information is mainly the Internet’s responsibility. Take Egypt with the fall of their president, and the protest outbreak that happened in January of this year, for example. Before protestors hit the streets, the whole dispute was primarily organized through social media sites like facebook and Twitter.

The government reacted quickly with the ban of social media sites and access to them through mobile phones. The Egyptian government took this to a whole other level; they banned the use of Internet through the county as a whole. Although later unsuccessful, this was all in attempts to stop people from protesting? A practice that people have been participating in for decades, even before the use of Internet. We’ve learned that as people, we’re still just as curious, and willing, as much as we we’re in the 50’s, but the Internet has allowed us the element of convenience and promptness. Creating a connection to others on a real worldwide level that we hadn’t seen in the past.