The Facebook Facade

Facebook is the without question the biggest social phenomenon of our generation. Facebook in many ways has brought you and all your ‘friends’ closer and at the same time, is extremely detrimental to actual relationships.

Facebook has singlehandedly, created this forum for people to share personal information and feelings they otherwise wouldn’t have. There are more than 800 million active users of the service with complete profiles. These profiles outline information such as; their name, the school they attend, the place(s) they work, phone number and email address.

People are expressing on a daily basis their ‘likes’ and dislikes with their whole network of friends. Facebook has allowed people to talk about themselves and share information and photo’s with people around them. Before this development, these acts may of been considered narcissistic, and now it’s socially acceptable. If anything, it’s almost a social expectation, and you’re considered among the minority if you don’t have Facebook.

People are able to only share the information they want people to see. Don’t like a photo? Don’t upload it, or untag yourself. Like someone’s comment? Express that through the ‘like or comment’ option. You’re also able to remain anonymous, ‘creeping’ Facebook or reading peoples post without commenting and just staying in the ‘social loop’.

This Facebook facade is also taking the honesty out of life. People are only sharing information and pictures (usually photoshopped) with the people they chose. It also takes that face-to-face communication out of relationships. People rely on Facebook as means of communication moreover actually meeting them or even the phone. Although Facebook has provided a great deal of convenience and entertainment for all ages, realizing the negatives is something each one of us needs to consider.

Take a step back and don’t take Facebook too seriously.

Too many people do.