Aggregation not Aggression

To Aggregate: to gather into a mass, sum, whole. To amount to, total.

Aggregation in relation to new media is a topic which almost all scholars agree upon. Representing the sense of collection/division of groups in terms of interests. Aggregation is the upmost important factor in advertising. Companies first need to decide who their target audience is, and relate those ad’s to their desired consumers specific interests.

We have all experienced this type of advertising while surfing the net. Youtube does this especially well. Related to music videos or videos of interest of that targeted audience. Watching videos all within the same genre you’re likely to be exposed to the same advertisement 8 times out of 10.

Through Facebook, advertisers have a way of collecting information through our interests listed on your profile, or companies/products you’ve ‘liked’. The advertisements posted on your Facebook are specifically tailored to your interests. They would know I’m a girl so I often get makeup promotions or women’s clothing advertisements. They also see that I’m single so I get a lot of ‘hook up with singles in your area’ advertisements. Thank you Facebook, stop rubbing it in.

With a passive medium, like television, companies advertise on specific programs that they know their targeted audience would watch. On the OWN network (Oprah’s Network) for example, they target to that middle aged to older women, who most likely has a home and family. So you’ll see advertisements for cleaning products, cars, food/restaurants, home improvements, etc. All things that these advertisers know would interest their potential consumer.

Billions are spent on advertising by corporations yearly, and it’s obviously understood why.

The power of advertising is far larger than the majority of us, and our conscious mind realizes.