Cassandra Ray

Hello world, I am a student here at the University of Ottawa studying a joint honours in Communication and Sociology. I’m 5’8, change the colour of my hair between brown to blonde a lot, and I have blue eyes. I like those cliche things, like long walks on the beach and having intellectual conversations with good looking men. I live a relatively average student life, and my hobbies mostly consist of things that are free.

I’m just a regular every day normal girl.

Anna Muir 

My name is Anna Muir. I am in my third year at the University of Ottawa studying English and Communication. I am originally from New Liskeard Ontario, moved to Markham and now live in Ottawa. I hope to use what I have learned in English and Communication to either work in publishing or become a teacher. I am a highland dancer and love to travel.

Emilie Noel

Oh hey there!
My name is Emilie Noel and I am a 5th year Psychology & Communication student. I am a music collector, a food fanatic & fashion enthusiast. Some may say I am slightly deranged, I prefer the term different.

I am quite familiar with blogging, however not for academic purposes. My blogspot blog contains my adventures and misadventures with a touch of fashion. This will be my first ”smart” blog, containing pertinent information about New Media.


Cynthia Gamache

Hi guys! My name is Cynthia Gamache and I’m a 4th year student, I’m majoring in English and Communication is my minor. Before adding Communication as my minor I was doing a double major in English and History, but soon realized that as much as I like learning about History, I don’t like doing History—big difference. I’m graduating in the spring, and then I’m off to China with my best friend for a year to teach English as a second language. I absolutely can’t wait!
So in the meantime, I’m slowly preparing myself for this experience of a lifetime, and trying not to get too impatient for that day to come. But still, I can’t help myself–the countdown begins!



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