The Power of Relationships

With the evolution of the internet, companies everywhere have recognized it as a massive competitive platform. The internet has provided yet another outlet for market penetration within advertising and company development. Creating these ‘relationships’ with consumers is more important now than it has been every before.

There has a been a sense of power relationships between company and consumer through the internet, and not keeping up with the fast pace involvement could leave your company in the dust. It’s now a sense of power struggle to see which company can reign leader in cyber space. Companies are consistently researching for new evolutionary means to surpass their neighbor/competitor, keeping up with the internet’s demands, and consumer expectations can either skyrocket your company to the top and be a forgotten name by tomorrow.

Brand relationships between company and consumer are now closer than ever. Consumers with every turn are being bombarded with brand mentions. “The average American consumer is exposed to more than 600 advertising messages in a day in one form or another…globally corporations spend over $620 billion each year to make their products seem desirable and to get us to buy them.” – Consumer Reports

With the average American seeing more than 600 advertisements in a day, at least a few of them must have some impact right? With such large amounts of competition companies need to come up with the most creative ways of gaining consumers attention. This often involves cross-platform methods, advertising on all mediums possible.

The question is; do you buy based on the number of advertisements you experience from said company? And is your choice, what you believe to be a well educated one, or just your sub-conscious reminding you to support the company because of their catchy ad’s,  popularity and your ‘connection’ to them?


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