The all ‘North American’ Dream

From the boom of the industrial revolution and social reforms, Americans, Canadians and new arrivers to this continent have been striving towards this ideal labeled as the ‘All American Dream’.

This dream was formed from the existing and emerging mega corporations, providing the population with these values and the belief system of this structured and systematic lifestyle. And with achieving these goals or steps, one would be living this ultimate ‘American Dream’.

As the country (USA) took off in full force during the revolution, beginning in the 18th century. Growth emerged in all aspects; economically, politically and socially. The country was truly thriving. People everywhere were living for the first time, exceeding their means, affording beyond the basics and taking full advantage of consumerism.

The role of corporate domination began to play a huge role. As the printing press evolved and then with the invention of the television, corporations had the ultimate outlet to dominate or influence consumers nationwide. As passive consumers with the television, corporations basically dictated mostly through advertising, when, how and what the country purchased.

With this domination, the country was wrapped into this systematic lifestyle that corporations deemed as the ‘ideal American life’. To work 9-5 at a corporate job and  contributing to consumption. Working all your life for these corporations, then with your paycheques investing it back into the company.

Families everywhere were working the 9-5 corporate life, spending far beyond their means, consumerism at its all time peak, and for what? To ‘keep up with the Joneses’ because corporations told us to.


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