Like totally super cute, right?!

Yet another gender discussion, except this time it’s on youtube videos. For the most part, a lot of the videos on youtube are gender neutral, entertaining both men and women. But there are those specific genres that the majority of men watch, like sports analysis, band updates, and new video game reviews. Where as women watch, what’s in my bag, fashion hauls and cute puppy videos.

I know from my own personal experience I can spend hours watching other girls sit in front of their laptops, and record every little detail about their new acquired purchase at Forever21 or H&M. And when I show my boyfriend what I’m watching he thinks it’s dumb and superficial. Or the ‘What’s in my Bag’ videos, I think their fantastic, but honestly, thinking about it now, why do we have such a fascination with wanting to know what is exactly in some girls bag, who may live around the world. When we all know she’s went through her bag, taken out the garbage and organized it perfectly before shooting the video. As a girl it really is a strange phenomena that we feel the need to get this glimpse into someone’s every day life that we don’t even know.

Although from the other side of this, those girls filming, may be making millions off of these videos. They’re giving us makeup and fashion advice without ever being close to an expert, but yet we listen, absorb and emulate.  This is all such a strange concept for a girl, but there are many guys out there watching relatively the same videos but within the man’s world. Other men giving workout or zombie nuking advice to other men soaking it up just as much as us women.

Youtube has made such videos possible and allows for us to come together with commonalities. I never knew so many girls loved watching other girl’s film what they’ve purchased as much as I do. It’s like having a virtual friend, whom you stalk, watching every one of her videos with envy. All positive attributes, right?

Now for your viewing pleasure, the most obnoxious video I could find 🙂


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