Epic Nerdism

There are various types of nerds out there, but in this blog we’re going to discuss the gaming nerd. Quite the complicated type. The gaming nerd can be both male or female, socially normal, educated, and from first glance, averagely normal. But as we all know it’s boys mostly who dominate the gaming world. (I say boys, because men who game haven’t really grown up). Now this post may be a bit bias but we all have our opinions.

The gaming world is quite unique. The one thing I find most complex is the social aspect.  You’re online, with your headset on, sitting in front of the television for hours, communicating with others through a microphone. From a distance this looks like a social activity, but you’re never really interacting with others aside from this ‘virtual reality’.  Are you really learning social skills from gaming? Aside from picking up the lingo and calling each other names? I mean how much could your vocabulary or knowledge base expand from spending hours discussing the exact same subject all day long?

On the topic of gender and the gaming world, why is it that men and women don’t share the same level of interest? I mean comparing it to television, men never really want to watch the shows that women do, and visa-versa. So this same comparison can be aligned with the gaming world. Men like zombie nuking, heads flying, blood flowing video games, where as women like to race little furry animals in go carts around tracks. But even with the base of that, why is it that men can spend hours on the console, and women become disinterested in no time? Do we have better things to do? Like go shopping or gossip?

From an experienced/annoyed girlfriend of a video game of a freak boyfriend, I know how angry I get with him playing but I also know how much ‘joy’ it brings him, and he’ll just keep saying that “you’ll never understand”. And perhaps that’s true, at least in the gaming world.

Women really are from Venus.


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